How to visit the Amazon Rainforest?

he Amazon Rainforest is the largest tropical forest in the world, has a size that exceeds that of Western Europe and is almost equal to that of the United States. Because it is the ecosystem with the greatest tropical biodiversity on the planet, it is already known that diverse themes are around the Amazon, including when it comes to tourism. Unless you buy a closed tour package, planning a trip to the world’s largest rainforest can arouse doubts and uncertainties.

Tourism in the Amazon Forest

Although 60% of the Amazon Forest is in the Brazilian territory, knowing the Amazon can also be part of the itinerary of an international trip to countries like Peru , Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. Even in Brazil, it is worth noting that tourism in the Amazon Forest does not necessarily mean being in the Amazon state, but it can also be in Pará, Maranhão, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Acre, Amapá, Rondônia and Roraima – although the most famous concentrated in the Amazonian state and some in Pará.

In any case, the greatness of the ecosystem implies the awareness that the Amazon Forest will always be different in every part that is visited. In Brazil, the best known tourist experiences in the Amazon are not the cheapest tour among the possibilities of national tourism, but it is the kind of experience that marks the life of those who had the privilege of knowing.

Pros and cons of tourism in the Amazon

Tourism anywhere in the world can have a negative impact when it is not well managed. In the case of the Amazon, although the tourist activity already exists there, it is also a tourism that is either considered elitist or very adventurous and, in a way, risky. This is because the destination is not totally accessible in Brazil due to factors such as:

  • Expensive flights to Manaus or other capitals
  • Lodging: jungle resort, hotel in town, or on a cruise;
  • Need a guide or hire tours to contemplate the local attractions.

For now, although there have been discouraging studies on the damage of deforestation related to livestock and other causes, there is still no concrete data on the good or bad that local tourism brings to the region. Fact is that who travels through the Amazon should have the least awareness that despite the structure, this will be a trip to know the jungle and the main tours consist of simply contemplating nature, which is also known as contemplation tourism.

Travel to Amazon: tips to get there and get to know

The main starting point for exploring Brazilian Amazonian tourism is the capital of the state of Amazonas: Manaus . The city has airport that receives flights of diverse Brazilian cities and also international flights, which facilitates the beginning of its trip.

From there, you have the option of staying in the capital itself and choosing ‘turn-by-turn’ tours, excursion style, or go to a jungle hotel , which are lodging in the jungle with infrastructure and often already offer the tours. In such cases, the hotels themselves usually include transport from the hotel to the venue or the exact coordinates are passed for you to arrive safely.

Journey through the amazon by boat

Another well-known option is the Amazon river cruises , which in itself is already an attraction. After all, we are talking about navigating one of the biggest rivers in the world. The Amazonian cruises are an experience of comfort for those who want to venture through the Amazon but not so much.
Far larger than fishing boats, much smaller than transatlantic cruises, the Amazonian cruises offer all the comfort of an all-inclusive urban hotel that allows you to taste local cuisine.

In addition to the contemplation of nature present throughout the course, most of these cruises also offer the activities that a jungle hotel would offer: jungle walks, piranha fishing, alligator watching, birds and royal victories, and visiting the community of people who live on the banks of the rivers and adapt their lifestyle to the environment.
You can hire this type of travel in tourist agencies or the internet.

Lodging in indigenous villages

Some specialized agencies provide the experience of being able to stay for a few days with an indigenous tribe and to immerse their culture. For obvious reasons, not all villages are open to this type of experience. If you are interested in the idea, look for an agency that specializes in conscious tourism. Source:

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