Therapy for Cervicalgia

For the diagnosis statements of cervicalgia prescribed radiography, computed tomography (CT), myelography, magnetic resonance imaging. Because of the instrumental method of examination, determining the cause of pain, the severity of the disease, localization, specificity of anatomical changes and physiology of the spine and paravertebral tissue.

Violate brain blood vessels examined brain, nerve reflex, visual acuity and hearing. After diagnosis began conservative therapy: neck immobilization with health assistance to reduce motor activity, nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in the form of tablets, ointments, injections – diclofenac, hemorrhoidal, hormonal movements, with glucocorticoids in pain intensity – hydrocortisone, diprospan, flosterone, muscle relaxants to reduce the abnormal tone of the neck muscles – Mydocalmum, sirdalud, procaine or lidocaine blockade to reduce pain intensity and reduce tissue swelling, antidepressants when the system of nerve stimulation – amitriptyline, diazepam, drugs to increase cerebral blood flow in cerebral artery lesions – Cerebrolysin, cavinton, Trental, chondroprotectors in the development of osteoarthritis – aflutop, Donna, terafleks, physiotherapy – galvanic currents, magnetic therapy, ozokerite, massage, acupuncture, exercise therapy, after acute pardon process and relieve pain.


With effective conservative treatment performed surgery to decompress the roots of the nerves and blood vessels by removing the affected parts of bone and prosthetic implants. Prevention to prevent the emergence of pain in the neck should immediately treat diseases and spinal injuries. In order to strengthen the bones and improve intervertebral disc metabolism in the diet including enough nutrients, vitamins and mineral complexes. For a night’s sleep, take mattresses and pillows, contribute to the physiological position head and neck. In cold weather, you should dress according to the weather with mandatory wearing warm scarves and hats. It is necessary to avoid the sharp bends of the neck. It is useful to hold the regular massage neck or back area. Above are therapy for people who get cervicalgia.

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