Taper Haircut and Fade Haircut: What Are the Differences?

Taper haircut is a famous haircut style. This has been the trendsetter of haircut among men. It is chosen due to the simply professional look so that it is suitable for career men. This haircut is often compared to fade haircut in which both are almost similar. What is actually the difference of both haircuts?

Taper Haircut

The Differences of Taper Haircut and Fade Haircut

Both taper haircut and fade haircut have been familiar to famous haircut models. Taper and fade haircut seem to look similar. However, those are different each other. Taper haircut is getting taper on the side and thin down the side. The hair on the top of ear is seen with minimally 1 inch. Meanwhile, fade haircut is a haircut style with its particular feature in which it is cut extremely short on the top of ear using trimmer or shaver. Fade haircut is divided into four categories such as low, mid, high and also skin.

Taper Haircut Is the Favorite One

Taper haircut still seeds the top list of favorite haircuts among men. Classic taper is regarded to be the most favorite taper haircut. This popular haircut has a classic taper cut with short back and sides so that the top of head has little hair for styling. Unfortunately, all men don’t look nice with this happening haircut. You should find references and go to the trusted salon to know the up to date taper styles.

Classic taper is claimed to be timeless haircut for men. The men have this haircut since they were child. But, it still looks nice and great for adults. It is suitable for the men who don’t like worrying about appearance. To add a style of taper haircut, you may apply hair gel or oil on this haircut.  You may comb your hair front or back. It will make taper haircut look dramatic.

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