How To Solve The Problem On Mixer Parts

The function of the mixer is to combining some materials needed and helps out the people while making a cake or a batter. Such as to mix the eggs, flour, etc. It’s beneficial and lightens the work. The principle of mixer work is not much different from other electronic components. The mixer stir lever is driven by an electric motor through a coupling gears. The various speed when operating is settled by a switch button. To find the way to solve the damaging mixer problem, you’ve to know the KitchenAid mixer replacements parts before. This is the explanation provided for you.

Knowing the Causes of Damaged Mixer On Yourself

1. Knowing the parts of mixer itself
The mixer tools consist of some parts, the connector cable with the electric source, the button to settle the speed of the electric motor, two stirrers, the machine, the bowl, tank capacitor, and switch. The most problem lies on the motor of the mixer, such as can’t spinning, resulting in the noisy sound, or both of them.

2. Motor of mixer can’t spin at all
This condition is usually caused by several factors, likes too much material to be stirred at once, or there’s a problem with electric current. If cause an error electric current, it’s probably coming from the damaged cable, damaged commutators, or might be the electricity can’t fit on the coil.

3. Motor mixer doesn’t spin and emits buzz
The spinning area can cause this condition get the short circuit. An event like that brings out the impact on the motor can’s spin if these conditions are let for 30 minutes it can make the stator burnt. Replace the main stator with a new one immediately.

That’s all a few reviews about how to repair the damaged mixer, by knowing the source of damage, you shouldn’t go to a mechanic. Be a smart user!

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