Sliding Closet Door Track Installation Easily

Sliding Closet Door TrackSliding closet door track is useful to make your sliding door function well since it will give support to the sliding door so you could open and close it easily. The track is located on the upper and bottom part of the sliding door. It has two 2 track that combine together one for the front door and one for the rear door; this is where each door travel when you slide the door. That is why you need to lay the track correctly so the door could slide through smoothly.

Laying the track for your sliding door

  1. First you need to know the size of your sliding door for the upper part and the bottom part, so you could cut your upper track using hacksaw as the measurement that you have sized before.
  2. For the door header you need to give mark to lay the sliding closet door track. 3/8 inch from the of the header line at the inner side. Put mark with the same measurement for right end, middle of the line and the left end to help you put the track on later.
  3. Now it is time for you to put the track in the position you have been mark before. You may want to ask some help when doing it so the track could be level correctly. Then use screwdriver to attach it.
  4. Next lay the track on the floor in line with the top part by using a plumb line to help you know where you could lay the track for the bottom part. Use screwdriver to install the track on the floor.
  5. You could now install the door to the sliding closet door track that you have installed just now. Afterwards see whether the door could slide smoothly and give adjustment when necessary.

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