How To Make Natural Insecticides

Keep insects away from your home by taking advantage of the properties of some of the products that you surely have at home. Whether you want to take care of your garden and avoid the insect pests on your plants as if what you want is to drive them away so they do not enter the house, these options that we show you will help you to get it. We will use everyday products to make it simple to make your own insecticides. In this article from a How we are going to explain how to make natural insecticides giving you 5 different options that will certainly work perfectly.


Insecticide with vegetable oils

One of the best options you have to prepare a homemade insecticide is to use a vegetable oil that can also be known as “white oil”. It is a very economical and easy to prepare alternative that will also keep the insect pests in your home and/or garden under control. To prepare this insecticide you will have to use the following products:

  • 2 cups vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup soap
  • 1 bottle or container to store
  • A little bit of water

Mix the ingredients and place inside the bottle, it is recommended that you have a sprayer as this will be easier to use. Shake the product well every time you use it and you can spray on the plants or places in your home that you want to keep protected from insects.

The soap removes the insects from the smell so strong that it gives off and the oil will get a sticky texture that will make that if they try to enter, the insects can not continue advancing inwards.


Ammonia as an insecticide

Among all the uses of ammonia there is one that many people are unaware of: prevent insects. The chemical aroma that this product has acted as a strong repellent to mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, etc., thus protecting your home from these pesky pests. If you have a garden, you should know that ammonia is perfect to stop pests from worms, slugs or snails.

So, if you want to know how to make natural insecticides, get a bottle of ammonia and prepare the following solution: mix one part of ammonia with 4 parts of water in a bottle that has a spray to spread all the areas you want. If you like, you can add some soap to make the texture stickier and the insects to be completely removed.
Mix all ingredients and shake the bottle each time to mix. Then simply sprinkle your plants or the entrance areas of your house (windows, doors, railings, etc.) and you will be able to keep the insects away.


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