How to light the entrance hall

The entrance hall is the letter of introduction of a house, it is the first space through which it passes and it should be cozy, always be tidy and well lit to welcome all who enter our house. As most of them are small and dark, we have to light them well to cause a good welcome and warmth to our visitors. To do this, in a How we are going to give some advice on how to light the entrance hall of your house, in order to appear bigger and more welcoming.

Steps to follow:

1. As the entrance halls of the houses are usually small spaces, we advise that they always be tidy and with a simple furniture where we can store some things that we need at the entrance of a house. We propose that you choose this space to keep what is indispensable and that is not in sight, such as the house keys, the purse, or those objects that we only get when we go out to the street, sometimes an umbrella or maybe the glasses of Sun. For this, have a simple piece of furniture where you can store these things and never be in sight.
You can have a coat rack next to the wall to hang the overcoat you’re currently wearing. The remaining coats, you can keep in a closet and do not have to have them all hanging in the hall, as it will give a feeling of disorder and darkness.
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2. To illuminate the entrance hall, the furniture and the clothes hanger you have should be of a light tone that matches the decoration of your house. The clearer, the greater sense of amplitude will give the environment and the lights they put on will reflect more. Opt for colors like white or pine.

3. The light most suitable for the hall is the indirect light with fixtures and chandeliers that focus light to the ceiling. It is important that the appliques are symmetrical and of the same set to give more harmony to the environment. If you do not want to apply light fixtures to the wall, you can place a chandelier with an intensity dimmer pointing to the ceiling so light scatters throughout the room and continues to generate warm light.
4. But if your house is modern and minimalist in style, the ideal for this type of zone is to put spotlights embedded in the ceiling as they light the hall very well and match the style of your home in general. It is a more direct and cool light that we can leave as well or balance by placing also indirect light fixtures.
5. Finally, if you have ceiling lamps in your house and this is what you want to illuminate your entrance hall, you can do it, but make sure that the size is medium or small so you do not take space and not give a feeling of agony. If choosing a chandelier, make sure that the light is light and the color is clear not to disturb or cause a small space sensation.

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