How to Install CCTV Camera

How to install CCTV camera you can do yourself at home. For how to install CCTV camera is not too difficult. You no longer need to call a technician to perform the installation. Many people who install it themselves because it is easy if really already understand.

How To Install The Right CCTV Camera:
Determine the appropriate cable

First For cable problems, you should use RG59 cable which consists of power cable and video cable. RG59 cable is a standard cable commonly used to install CCTV cameras.

Decide where to place CCTV

The second way to the location, you can determine in accordance with the distance that will be monitored. Whether to close or long distance. And specify also whether placed in a dark or light conditions. Well after that new You can determine which point will be installed CCTV camera.

Prioritize placement under a roof or protected area

Especially for how to install CCTV at home, you put the camera position under the roof only. Because that position can protect the camera from rain, wind and more. Then, with placement under the roof usually gives a better picture and find it easy to pull the cable.

Determine the point of cable withdrawal from outside to inside

After determining the installation point, the next step determines the point of entry of the RG59 cable from the outside towards the inside.

Placement of monitor and DVR

Monitor and DVR tools are tools that help to complete the CCTV system. If the CCTV camera is usually placed outside, then the monitor and DVR are used to help monitor the room inside the house. You must determine where the monitor and DVR are located.

Begin cable withdrawal

Once everything is done, the last thing you should do is pull the RG59 cable to connect the CCTV camera to the monitor and the DVR.

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