Most societies consider that a divorce to the Court should have a divorce agreement from both parties. Therefore, not a few people who before coming to the Court, they consider it necessary to create a kind of divorce papers that are usually signed by both parties on stamp duty.

Then, what if there is no agreement on stamp duty first? Can it be directly submitted to the Court? What will happen if the wife of the husband’s divorce husband refuses in the Court?

As I once prescribed in the article Need Divorce Statement Letter Husband ?, then it can be concluded that the divorce statement is not a must or must be made before filing a divorce to the Court. That is, want a divorce agreement or no divorce agreement, if indeed a spouse / wife has decided to divorce, please can be directly submitted to the Court.

divorce wife husband divorce refused

Although it can be directly submitted to the Court, but if the defendant / petitioner objected and keukeuh not want to divorce, then it will quite affect the divorce process itself.

Well here are some things that usually happen if the wife divorce husband husband to the Court and her husband refused to divorce or otherwise, the husband who filed for divorce while his wife insisted not to divorce:

  • Old Divorce Session
    Because each party remains firm with its stance, then certainly the process of divorce will last long enough. Not to mention if it turns out that after the divorce has been decided in the Court of First Instance, the non-complacent party appeals and so on. Of course this will make the process of divorce so the longer course.
  • Ribet
    Ribet which I assume is intended to argue with each other and collide evidence in the Court. Although this is commonplace in Court, but for most people this is considered complicated. Not infrequently people who consult to kang asep ask how to make answers, replik, duplik, how to win in Court and so on.
  • Cost More Expensive
    For such cases most people, whether plaintiffs or defendants, applicants or petitioners usually prefer to use a lawyer rather than take care of themselves in the Court. This is natural, because they themselves usually have imagined that the divorce case will be long and complicated. There is nothing wrong with asking for help Lawyers, but of course the cost incurred was not as cheap as taking care of itself.
    Such are the things common to the Court when a wife filed for divorce, but her husband refuses to divorce or the husband who filed for divorce but his wife does not want to be divorced.

As for the matter whether the lawsuit or divorce petition will be granted or rejected by the judge, it is all the authority of the panel of judges. In any case the most important thing is to try as much as possible. After all, if the judge’s decision is not satisfactory enough, you can still do legal remedies such as appeals and so on.

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