Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Accessories Package

cargo carrier hitchIs there something missing on your freshly bought hitch mounted cargo carrier? If you only purchase the hitch carrier and happy enough with it, then nothing is absent. However if you care about safety and comfort, the plain hitch carrier is certainly not enough. It is necessary to add some accessories, better if you know how to pack them.

Standard Pack

The first pack has no accessories at all. Still, upon each purchase, you will get a set of frame (tilted, sway or fixed), a cargo carrier and a reflector. This pack is the cheapest one, because you don’t have any additional items. You only get what the manufacturers pack for you.

Safety Pack

You want a little more safety? Then secure the luggage with a security lock, so no one can unload the boxes without your permission. Since the stack of suitcases will block the lights, you must add LED lights tail to the board. It has cables that connects to the car’s engine.

Luggage Pack

If you are going to do an outdoor sport, should you purchase another carrier? Forget that idea and purchase the luggage accessories instead. It has the LED tail lights, interchangeable bike or cargo rack and hitch cable lock combo. Now you are ready for both long holiday trip and the adventurous one.

Complete Pack

For this pack, you have to prepare more budget as it includes several useful items. It works best on the cargo box type, even though it could be applied in the basket or tray one. A set of complete pack includes locking pin, LED tail lights, colored reflector, and interior cutting board.

What is the function of a hitch carrier? It holds the luggage. Unfortunately, to secure your luggage’s safety, a mere basket or tray is not enough. Install lock to keep the suitcase away safe and lights to warn the drivers behind your car. If you still have the budget, adding a board inside the hitch mounted cargo carrier is not a bad idea.

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