How To Calculate Nighttime Extra

Brazil is overcoming a financial crisis that has generated an increase in the unemployment rate. To add to this factor, those who are employed remain dissatisfied with their salaries and seek wage increases. In search of larger wages, many workers choose to work at prime time . At these times the employees are paid an additional, additional night call. The law states that the remuneration of working at night must be higher than that of those who work during the day. But how to calculate nighttime extra ? In a How we help you to realize this calculation.

What is nighttime extra

The value of the nightly surcharge is increased by 20% on the value per hour paid for daytime work . In addition to this, the law differentiates the night time from the daytime. From day to hour it has 60 minutes and at night it has 52 minutes and 30 seconds. In normal hours of 8 hours a day, this difference translates into less than one hour in the night period, which is considered overtime. The extra night is paid on all the work that is done at night, even during overtime.

In urban activities, it is considered night work whenever it is done between the 22 hours of a day and the 5 hours of the morning of the following day. In rural activities, the night work period changes slightly. In the field of work, night work is considered to be between 21 and 5 o’clock on the following day, and the period from 20 to 4 o’clock the next morning is considered in livestock farming.

During this period workers are entitled to breaks, just as they do during the day. Between 4 and 6 hours of work workers are entitled to 15 minutes. If the worker works more than 6 hours, he/she is entitled to a minimum interval time and a maximum of two hours.

Night Work Calculation

To calculate the nightly surcharge, we need to find the amount that is paid on the hour, the amount of the additional and there we realize the value of the night time.
Imagine then: Vinicius works 40 hours a week, or 200 hours a month. He works from 5 to 5 o’clock in the morning and receives a salary of $ 500. What will be the value of your extra night?

Calculation formulas

Hour value = salary / 200
Additional night value = hour value x 20%
Night time value = hour value + night value
If we apply the formulas to the example:
Time value = 550/200 = 2.75
Additional night value = 2.75 x 20% = 0.55
Night time value = 2.75 + 0.55 = 3.30
Vinicius then receives another $ 0.55 for each night time he makes. Calculating the extra night is very simple and now you can too.


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