5 Games Designers Could Play into Spark Creativity

If you’re an architect, an interior designer or a 3D representation professional that feels as if your creativity is blocked, then this guide is for you. Creativity block is a normal occurrence and it sometimes happens suddenly without warning. One method to spark your imagination is by gaming. Mobile and personal computer games help you relax while gradually nudging your brain into a creative fervor.

The next games are perfect for those people whose jobs involve home designing such as architects, interior decorators, 3D rendering professionals and interior designers.


5 Games Designers Can Play to Spark Creativity

5 Games Designers Can Play to Spark Creativity

Minecraft is one of the most popular games for many decades now with versions for both iOS, android, PC and Mac. Some say that this game is too kiddy, but that isn’t true. If you hunt through the web to find the very best buildings, houses and cities created using Minecraft, you’d be astounded that many are made by adults with ages ranging from 30 to 40 years old.

Minecraft is really a block-building survival match. You trimmed trees, dig dirt, split rocks and melt metal to make blocks that you can use to make constructions, from simple square home to castles both indoors and outside. You’re able to make walls, roomsand kitchens, balconies, and even a rooftop swimming pool. It is also possible to decorate the interiors with paintings, furniture and a lot more. If you do not enjoy being searched by zombies from the game, switch to the creative mode and simply build your fortress, then change back to survival mode to defend your newly developed building.


Sims is short for simulation. In the game, you create a character which might need to find his style about the virtual Sim world class. You don’t really control your Sim, but also you sway it. At times you would be alarmed when you go back to your computer and your Sim has already gotten married. But before it is possible to get your personality anywhere in life, you need to give it a home. This usually means you design a house for it or you purchase one. Then since your sim earns more money, you can buy more stuff to expand your residence.

Survival Craft

Survival Craft is still a Minecraft clone. It has virtually identical mechanisms, but with improved graphics and easier controls. Survival craft also has a creative manner where you can just build anything you desire. This match also has power features which you can utilize to make led signals within the sport. Survival craft has unlimited area so it’s possible to create a major city if you want. Just like Minecraft, you may also upload your work for everyone else to encounter.

Harvest Moon

Before Farmville, there was Harvest Moon. In harvest moon, you look after an old deserted farm and slowly bring it back to life. You plow, you reduce weeds, and also you plant vegetables to sell at the local town. You also need to repair the old farmhouse and decorate it as you select. One of the intriguing facets of the game is finding a spouse one of the many characters within the game. Then they will be able to let you decorate.

RPG maker

RPG or role-playing games are a genre of video games that allows you choose an experience. RPG maker lets you create an RPG game. That entails making homes for whole towns, cities, or cities. You will have a great deal of fun making homes and filling them with decorations. You then put in the people living in the home so that the character of this game you are making can speak to them. Yes, it’s possible to even market the game you made on Apple Appstore or even Google Playstore to get android.

One minute you are expelling ideas after ideas, then something catches your attention and then your creativity dissipates. This happens to everybody, but not everyone can regain his or her creativity fast. Playing games is a really good way to relax and relieve stress while slowly reinvigorating your creativity.


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