2019 Dodge Charger Hellcat

Earlier this month, we posted photos of the new “two-scoops” hood which the 2019 Challenger SRT Hellcat will game. But it appears like it is not the only member of the automotive world’s favorite satanic clan that’s getting an update — since Ma Mopar just released a brand new teaser for its 2019 Charger Hellcat.

2019 Dodge Charger

2019 Dodge Charger

For us, it looks a hair thinner compared to the outgoing model’s, and athletics and least one additional intake in the grille. We would imagine that ingestion will have a symmetrical match on the opposing side, but if it’s going to select the area — or augment — that the 2018’s hood scoop remains to be viewed. 1 thing which has not changed is the notable Hellcat badge, as it looks as bad cool as ever.

In our opinion, the only approach to improve on the badge is to make it larger. How’s this for constructive criticism?

Now, it might seem a bit ridiculous to wonder about more energy, given that 707 horsepower is more than sufficient for anything you can legally accept to the grocery store. But we would not be surprised if the mad scientists at Dodge have already managed to eek a few more ponies out of the monster mill.

As you might expect, our resident muscle car expert, Mike Musto, came out pretty impressed if he got to choose the 2018 version for a spin recently, calling it “part Abrams battle tank, as component top-fuel dragster , and role ‘take the kids to school’ machine” For your record? In addition, he opened his inspection with “Purchase this vehicle.” What can we say? Subtlety isn’t actually Mike’s thing.

Like whatever sporting the Hellcat engine, the 2019 Dodge Charger Hellcat is sure to fly off the lot of your regional AutoNation Dodge vendor, so if you are looking to place one on your garage, we’d recommend putting your purchase in now — come hell or higher water.

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